DELF Exam Information

The DELF is an internationally recognized diploma that certifies a student’s level of proficiency in French as a second language




The DELF is a diploma issued by the French Ministry for National Education to certify the language skills of learners of French as a second language.  The results of these exams are valid indefinitely and the diploma is a diploma for life.


The DELF examination is recognized around the world.  It can add value to a portfolio and is a recognition of a student’s years of study in a Core French or French Immersion program.


In Canada, more than 30,000 Canadians have taken DELF exams over the past few years.  As a result, the DELF examinations are becoming more well-known and receiving greater recognition from employers and educational institutions. DELF results replace a French language placement test in some Canadian universities.


The DELF exams are organized according to four levels of French language proficiency. Students can choose the level they wish to obtain.

Students should consult with their French teacher to help them make this decision.


There is a cost associated with the test and diploma: (Levels A-1, A-2 and B-1 will be offered in this testing session)


Levels A-1 and A-2              $100.00


Levels B-1 and B-2              $175.00


These fees are established by pan-Canadian DELF committees and are the same in most school districts in Canada where the DELF is available.


Students who write the DELF test and who receive a 50% overall grade, with not less than 5/25 in any section, will receive their diploma before the end of this school year.


The DELF examinations will be held during the week of  April 23-26, May 7-10 2018. All students who choose to write the DELF will complete the exam here at the school.


Exam times are as follows:



April 23-26, 2018

Monday April 23rd               B2
Tuesday April 24th              B1      
Wednesday April 25th         A2
Thursday April 26th             A1

May 7-10, 2018

Monday May 7th                  B2
Tuesday May 8th                 B1
Wednesday May 9th           A2
Thursday May 10th             A1


If any student would like to take the DELF exam please contact Lisa MacArthur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CBI Snow Day

CBI SNOW DAY - Friday, March 16

Students will have the option to go to Marble Mountain or Blow Me Down for the day. There may be activities planned for the school for those students who prefer not to go to either venue.


* Equipment (skis, poles, snowboards) cannot be brought to school on the bus or to Marble Mountain/Blow Me Down on the bus due to bussing regulations


* Parents can have gear dropped off to the school and we will try to arrange for pickup trucks to bring the gear


Marble Cost (Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding)

Lesson/Pass/Equipment/Bus - $35
Lesson/Pass/Bus - $30
Lesson/Bus - $20

*All students travelling with the school will have to do a mandatory lesson, regardless of ability (due to insurance regulations) and the minimum cost will be $20. Students will need a waiver signed (at school office) as well.


Blow Me Down Cost (Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing)

Pass/Equipment/Bus - $10
Pass/Bus - $5

* All money is to be passed into the office by Wednesday, March 14

Evaluation Policy

There have been some changes regarding Assessment and Evaluation at Corner Brook Intermediate.  If you would like to see the District's new Provincial Policy, please see the documents at the links below:
To view our new assessment policy, created in consultation with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District and Corner Brook Intermediate's Assessment and Evaluation Committee, please click here to view our policy. It will be permanently located under the school tab on our web site.
As well, please be advised of our revised Reporting Dates as noted below:
Report Card 1.........................................November 30, 2017
Parent/Guardian Teacher Interviews......December 5, 2017
Report Card 2.........................................March 23, 2018
Parent/Guardian Teacher Interviews...... March 27, 2018

School Sports Teams

CBI is now accepting applications for coaches for all of it's school sports teams. If you would like to coach please contact our Vice-Principal Mr. Perchard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a coaching application by Wednesday, September 13th.

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