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CBI Snow Day

CBI SNOW DAY - Friday, March 16

Students will have the option to go to Marble Mountain or Blow Me Down for the day. There may be activities planned for the school for those students who prefer not to go to either venue.


* Equipment (skis, poles, snowboards) cannot be brought to school on the bus or to Marble Mountain/Blow Me Down on the bus due to bussing regulations


* Parents can have gear dropped off to the school and we will try to arrange for pickup trucks to bring the gear


Marble Cost (Downhill Skiing or Snowboarding)

Lesson/Pass/Equipment/Bus - $35
Lesson/Pass/Bus - $30
Lesson/Bus - $20

*All students travelling with the school will have to do a mandatory lesson, regardless of ability (due to insurance regulations) and the minimum cost will be $20. Students will need a waiver signed (at school office) as well.


Blow Me Down Cost (Cross Country Skiing or Snowshoeing)

Pass/Equipment/Bus - $10
Pass/Bus - $5

* All money is to be passed into the office by Wednesday, March 14